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“Jeevana Samridhi”, a social charitable trust (Reg.no.409/2006), was initiated by a few visionary professionals in Kerala. The trust strives to open up channels of solidarity and support to extremely needy sections of society, irrespective of caste or creed. One of the key current initiative of the trust is “Outreach Child Support”, where more than 3100 children between kindergarten and high school are supported financially for payment of school fees.

Our trained volunteers are reaching out to the ruined homes to clean up and help them to return to normalcy. As of now we have formed volunteering teams from various parts of Kerala and they have moved out to selected affected areas. We have formed 125 such teams to take up the cleaning effort. They are also working along with the local task forces. We are getting relief materials from various corners however the requirement is so huge that we are still in need of materials. Our store is located at Kalamassery in Ernakulam

What We Need Now ?






What we need now?

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Latest requirement

  • Cleaning :
  • Bleaching Powder,
  • Dettol,
  • Phenyl,
  • Harpic,
  • Toilet Brush,
  • Mask,
  • Torch,
  • Hand Gloves (Heavy Duty),
  • Scrubber
  • Medical :
  • Anti Septic Lotion,
  • ORS,
  • Saboline Cream,
  • Paracetamol,
  • Bandage,
  • Band-Aid,
  • Cotton,
  • Moov/Volini,
  • Dettol,
  • Betadine,
  • Vicks,
  • Antifungal Ointment,
  • Toiletries :
  • Bath Soap,
  • Tooth Brush,
  • Tooth Paste,
  • Sanitary Napkin,
  • Diapers,
  • Combs,
  • Washing Soap/Powder
  • Kitchen :
  • Vessels,
  • Knife,
  • Plates,
  • Glass
  • General :
  • Mat,
  • Boot,
  • Candles,
  • Lighter,
  • Mosquito Coil,
  • Emergency Lamp

Support and Contribute

If you would like to Contribute any of these items, please Contact Us. We will collect it from you and supply to the most needed.

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